Three tier suitcase cake in ivory, gold and pistachio trim……

Three tier suitcase cake in ivory, gold and pistachio trim......

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That Saturday Night Feeling……..

Quite often I wonder if other Cake Makers and Decorators get “that Saturday night feeling?”……..Kind of a relief, an exhaustion and a sense of pride and acheivement all rolled into one……

Tonight it’s not actually that bad, mainly given that I am so limited in what I can do because of my coccyx issues that I can’t really do any of the tiring stuff! That said though, this week our shop has produced 18 birthday cakes, hundreds of CupCakes and a wedding cake this week and just the thought of that exhausts me!

Nobody tells you, and it didnt really cross our minds before we started that becoming cake designers would completely change our weekends (and our lives!)……Fridays aren’t really Fridays anymore – they become your busiest, most stressful, most scary day!! No more Friday night’s out or in front of the tv, none at all!! Saturdays are strange – up early with a mad rush to the shop to finish what didn’t get finished last night before they are collected, a lovely busy shop – most often a sell out then a long chat to plan the next week’s orders before collapsing on the sofa at home! For this reason, Saturday nights are mostly spent on the sofa or asleep trying not to think about all the work that needs to be started for next week……..remind us why we do this again!!

Thinking back to times when I’ve been completely exhausted there are probably too many to remember!! There were times when we first opened the shop when each Friday and Saturday seemd like that much of a marathon, and so totally all-consuming and stressful that we would be fast asleep on the sofa by 5pm feeling like we had the worlds worst hangovers!! Funny how you adjust to the stress and the pressure and you just start to get quicker, and better and all those difficult things become a little easier……you don’t notice it happening but it definately does……thank goodness!! Then there’s the “occasions” – Mothers Day, Christmas etc when the world and his wife (luckily for us!) wants cake and we aim to oblige! The mention of these occasions now bring us out in panic because we know the sheer hard work that ‘s involved, but, it’s also exciting – we love planning it and no matter what it’s always a huge giggle the night before a big day!

Our first Christmas (pre-premises!) seen us delivering 10 miles from home in the snow on 23rd December at 10:30pm knowing we had to come home and start on birthday cakes for the next day – that was hard!! Funny though as we managed to get the car jammed between a house and a lamp-post :), this Mothers Day seen us working on pre-orders til 2am and having a shop full of our lovely friends and family to help us out…….truthfully, when we accidentally started this whole thing we had no idea how genuinely exhausting it would be !!

This week we’ve had our usual share of drama! One staff member being ill in hospital, one claiming she’s being “poached,” a Landlord in town spreading rumours that we’ve been to look at his property as we’re not happy in our own (what?!?) not to mention the stuff we’d love to tell you about one of our regulars and one day hope to be able to as confidentially as possible!!

Reading this post through it seems a little depressing, totally not meant to come across like that – probably because it’s 10:23pm and it’s Saturday night………………..

We’re both looking forward to things getting back to normal (what’s normal :-0 ) and, I’m even looking forward to that saturday night feeling again 😉

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So, I’ve finally decided to write a blog…..something I should have started ages ago before we set up our little cake company…….I could probably write a book (or several books) about all the “adventures” we’ve had since the idea came about!! I’m going to try to be as honest as I can (whilst protecting our customers privacy!) as we often get asked by our regulars and followers on facebook and twitter how things really work for us and what things are really like!!

A little enforced relaxation has brought me to the point of starting this……two and a half weeks ago my lovely brother married his even lovlier fiancee……here is their wedding cake which we made……. A really unusual 4 tier square decorated in dark mocha and ivory with a little touch of pinky/peach to match their very subtle, understated colour scheme. To cut a long story short, about 3 hours after this picture was taken I was dancing with my daughter who toppled on top of me sending me crashing to the floor and fracturing my coccyx!! Ouch!! I have never in my life felt pain like it!

So, here I am 17 days later – really quite bored and with lots of time to take stock on how we have grown our little cake business from scratch over the past (nearly) 5 years!! I’m still not sure how we have done it – it’s all happened completely by accident but, needless to say we are having a ball!!

“We” consists of myself – 30 something, Mum of 3 and wife of 1 and my business partner – also Mum of 3 and wife of 1 – also 30 something!! We met at the school gates just under 7 years ago and thinking back to those times I genuinely don’t really have any idea how it all started! It sounds a bit cheesy and a bit contrived to say that we both realised we quite liked to bake, and, although neither of us really knew what we were doing we started to bake for friends and relatives and before we knew it were taking “orders” and registering with our local council to run a food business from home!! But, it really did happen like that!!

Cue countless late nights in each other’s kitchens, quite often dressed in PJ’s and slippers and putting children to bed whilst trying to figure out how you do actually dowell and stack a tierred cake, and, learning quite quickly that, of course, a toddler-size cake version of Dora the Explorer won’t fit on a regular sized cake board!! We are totally self-taught in every way, and, in my personal opinion we’re better bakers for it!

Here’s one of the first carved cakes we made…..this was scary stuff to us back then and it still gives me nightmares!

The turning point came when Helen realised she was really quite good at making characters out of icing…..once we mastered this the orders began to roll in even quicker….here’s two of our first attempts……

Not too bad for first-timers!!

That’s probably enough reminiscing for me today – I hope to be able to share more of our early adventures with you through this blog aswell as keeping you up to date with our current ones!

Here’s the most recent cake we have used for marketing our early-booking promo for Weddings for 2013

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